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Tenley 2 Year Session
This little lady is going to be a fashion model some day. I mean, come on! Look how adorable she is. So good at posing and looking at the camera. She kept saying, "Jess takes my picture." It was the sweetest thing.

Kelly's Family Session
Kelly's sister was in town so they wanted to get everyone together for some special pictures that they will cherish forever. Everyone was great during the session

Zeke Newborn Session
Howdy Partner! This little cowboy is the strongest boy. He spent almost 70 days in the hospital and fought long and hard to get to where he is today. He's a little miracle baby!

Maternity Session
This beautiful mom is the sister of the woman in the last maternity session. How fun to have two sisters pregnant at the same time and due within a month of each other! Those two cousins are going to be so close growing up! I'm so thankful that I get to take the newborn photos for both sisters. 

Maternity Session
This family looks like models. They are gorgeous! The boys weren't that excited about taking pictures at first, but after a few shots, they were into it! Can't wait to meet the newest addition in a few weeks!

Felipe Mommy and Me
This is the second year in a row that this family has done a Mommy and Me session with son, daughter, mom, and grandma. I like this new tradition and a new little one is on the way to join in the fun next year! 
And sometimes ducks photobomb you...

Caroline 8 Months 'Watch Me Grow' Session
For the 8 month session we decided to do a mommy and me session since Mother's Day was right around the corner. It's always a pleasure to see these two!

6 Month Session
I first met Beckett when she was a newborn. She has gotten so big. She was the perfect smiley baby and we had a great time taking her pictures. We even brought in some of her favorite toys, which I love. What a great way to capture those precious memories! 

E Family Newborn Session
This family received their newborn session as a gift from a friend. I am so glad that the friend chose me as the photographer they wanted to have their friend use. I loved meeting this family. Baby A would not fall asleep for us. She had "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) and didn't want to fall asleep and miss all of the fun. But we still got some adorable shots. 

Baby S Four Month - 'Watch Me Grow' Package
Seeing this baby every month is a joy! She is so sweet and never fusses. She is learning to sit up more on her own and is becoming more stable, which is allowing us to try new poses with her :) This month we tried one of my favorite spots.

Family Session
I got to work with this beautiful family on a gorgeous Sunday evening. A group of photographers got together to do a styled session, and it was so much fun. I learned some new things and met some new people. I love doing workshops like this!

Baby K Newborn Session
I just met this family a few months ago and was so honored when they asked me to photograph their newest daughter's newborn session. She slept almost the entire time so we were able to get many different shots and poses. I have been so lucky lately with sleepy babies... knock on wood! 
These siblings were so in love with their new baby sister. They weren't interested in doing pictures, until I told them that they would get to hold Katelyn and take pictures with her. Then they couldn't get enough!

M 2 Year Session
Melanie is two years old now! I have been photographing her since she was just a few days old. This family is my brother-in-law's family, so we see each other once in awhile. It is always fun to photograph them and catch up. 

Caroline 7 months 'Watch Me Grow' Session
I swear this little one just gets cuter and cuter every time I see her! She is so sweet and is the most expressive baby I have photographed! Look at these expressions I got within seconds of each other. She cracks me up!

Baby E Newborn Session
I work with this sweet baby's mama at my full-time job. Baby was asleep when I arrived at their home and stayed asleep the entire session;  through multiple outfit, headband changes, and poses. I think her session was my fastest newborn session to date!

Spring Family Session
I first met Melissa and her daughter last year. Since then she has returned for multiple sessions. This time, she brought along her boyfriend and his children to all do a photo session together. This family is so happy together and all of the kids are very respectful and good listeners (there's the teacher in me coming out)! 
Senior Session
Moriah is so excited to be finishing up her senior year at NAU. She brought along props for her session, which I always encourage. AND she said these weren't even close to all the books she had to read! College already feels so long ago to me, so it was fun to relive the excitement of graduation through her.
Baby Q- 6 months
It has been 6 months since I first met this family for Quinn's newborn session. It was difficult to get some smiles from her, but I was able to pry a few out. I was even able to pry a smile out of dad, who "hates pictures." :)

Baby M- 3 Months
I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I last saw Maddie and did her lifestyle newborn session. She is such an adorable baby, with the prettiest eyes and cutest smile! I went to Maddie's home for her pictures. As many of you know, I do not have my own studio space for my business. In the past, I thought that put me at a disadvantage from other photographers. However, I now look at it as a blessing in disguise. By not having a studio with consistent lighting, space, and even props, I force myself to continue to grow in my craft. I am able to adapt to my surroundings, make do with what I have, and try new things while still producing a quality product for my clients. So while I may dream of having a place to someday call my own, I love the challenges I face and working with them to create something great. Take Maddie's pictures, for example. Bet you wouldn't guess these were taken on the floor of her bedroom :)

Baby S Three Month - 'Watch Me Grow' Package
This little one was full of smiles for her three month session. Her grandma came along to help assist on this shoot, and I was so glad she did. Skyla loves her and would smile anytime grandma looked at her. Grandma also lives in a beautiful gated community, where we took these pictures :). 
"Newborn Session" with Baby L
We had scheduled a newborn session for a few days after Lily was born. Unfortunately, the family got sick and we had to reschedule. It took a month for everyone to feel better! Luckily, Lily was very cooperative and slept for a bunch of her session, so we were still able to get some "newborn" type shots.

L and C --- Brother and Sister Session
Lochlyn is turning one and big brother Caden is turning 3! Mom wanted some pictures of them together to celebrate both of their upcoming birthdays. Caden is such a sweet and loving brother. Lochlyn is full of smiles and enjoyed digging into her first cake!

Baby N One Year Session
I first met Baby N when he was about 3 months old. He is always such a good natured little man. It is hard to believe that he is already one! His birthday party theme is going to be baseball, and dad is a Chicago Cubs fan, so we went to the spring training stadium for his pictures! He really wanted to get inside, but the gates were closed.

Sean's Senior Session
I did Sean's brother's senior session a little over two years ago and I was so happy when his mom wanted me to do Sean's as well. Mom said that Sean loves the outdoors, so we went to my favorite desert spot and had some fun! I think my favorites are the ones with mom in them, too!

Baby J One Year Session
These are some of my favorite pictures I have taken. J is the cutest little boy! I loved the theme that mom picked out, LumberJACK. Adorable! While he enjoyed playing with his cake, he did not enjoy eating it. I guess he hasn't developed a sweet tooth yet! 
C and T Engagement Session
My mom referred Christy to me, and I am so glad she did. We had a great time at this session. Christy and Tommy are very happy together, and their love shows through in these pictures. 
We had special permission to use The Orange Patch in Mesa for this session, as the owners are old friends with Tommy. 

Baby A One Year Session 'Watch Me Grow' Package
I have to admit, this session made me a little sad. This was the end of A's 'Watch Me Grow' sessions. I love getting to see these babes every month, and it's always hard when they reach their one year mark. I hope I get to continue to see her this coming year for other events. Love this family!

Baby L Newborn
L gave me a run for my money! She would not sleep for us, much to the bafflement of her mother. L had been awake for hours before her session and had been fed multiple times. She just would not give in to her tiredness. Finally, we were able to convince her and got some adorable sleeping pictures. 

Valentine Mini Sessions!
I do not offer mini sessions often, but Valentine mini sessions are one of my favorites. This is my second year offering them. Here are some of the pictures from this year's group!

Baby A is 2!
A is so sweet! She loves her stuffed animals, so we brought some along for her session. She is really growing up into a precious, kind, and loving toddler. 

Baby S 2 month session- 'Watch me Grow' Package
Another month has passed and Baby S just gets cuter and cuter. Her grandparents joined us for this month's session. The weather was chilly, so we decided to do a studio setup in their garage. But even then, it was COLD! We managed to keep baby warm and snap some adorable pictures of her. Mom and I have already started to plan outfit ideas for the next few months. So fun seeing these babies every month! 

A 11 month session- 'Watch me Grow' package
We incorporated Valentine's props into her 11 month session, and the pictures turned out so cute. I cannot believe that next month will be my final monthly session of her. I have loved getting to see her every month! She is such a sweet little girl.
I LOVE this one. Big sis is hugging her so tight!

Kaelyn 6 month session
I first met this cutie six months ago when we did her newborn pictures. I cannot believe how much time has passed and that she can now sit up on her own! Two of her sisters came along and managed to get some great smiles from her :)

Baby S 1 month session- 'Watch Me Grow' Package
Baby S is having her pictures done every month for the ultimate Watch Me Grow Package. I cannot wait to see how much she changes over this next year. Her mom and I are already looking for new spots to try out each month. Such a fun family to work with!

Sweet C 4 month session-- 'My First Year' Package
I have been seeing Sweet Baby Caroline every two months and it is so fun to watch her grow! She is getting so big and even more adorable. Who knew that was even possible? She can now sit up pretty well in baskets and loved tummy time. She is signed up for my Valentine mini sessions, so I will be seeing her next month too! 

It was a GREAT 2015. Thank you to everyone who hired me to capture your family's memories and please know how much I appreciate the support! Happy New Year!

B Family 5 Month Session
Baby N was very good for her session, even though it was cool outside. She is a little shaky sitting on her own, so we had to use baskets and pillows to prop her up. She did very well and we got some cute shots of her! I even caught a smile :)

M Family Session
A loves dinosaurs and is having a dinosaur party for her birthday. Her mom and I tried to think of a cute idea for dinosaur pictures and I remembered that a park in Gilbert has a dinosaur area. The pictures turned out so cute and I already have another client wanting to go there for her daughter's pictures!

S Family Lifestyle Session
I have known this momma for a long time now, over ten years! She finally has a baby girl and her family is complete :). It was so fun to go to their home and do a lifestyle session. These sessions are becoming my new favorite! 

W Family Christmas cookies
It has been COLD in Arizona this month, so we thought we would try an indoor lifestyle session. I thought it would be cute to do a photo shoot of the girls making cookies with their mom. I love the black and white look for this session. So fun and the cookies were delicious! 
B Family Session
Loved working with this lady and her awesome family. Diana and I work together, and have talked about doing a session together for awhile now. We were finally able to get everyone together and do a family session with her kids and grandkids.
S Newborn Session
Skyla was the sweetest little girl. She slept for most of the session and let us move her around for different poses. She even smiled in her sleep! Her mom and dad are so in love with her.
D Family Session
These three were supposed to have a session out by the river, but the weather had different plans for us! We ended up going to Downtown Gilbert, where I knew there would be some coverings to protect us from the rain. 

D Family Session
This was another family that found me through referral, and I am so glad they did! Their daughter was so fun to be around and she looked gorgeous in her little dress! We did some of the photos in a desert/cacti landscape, and I love how they turned out! 

B Family Newborn Session
So..... I am in love with this session and just want to post them everywhere! This is my new favorite newborn session :) Baby L is ADORABLE and I love love his name! Lincoln!

B Family
I have known Kathy and her children my entire life. Her son and I are almost the same age. We still see each other every once in awhile, but this was my first time taking photographs for them. They brought along their four dogs and everything went so smoothly! I could not believe how well the dogs did. Thanks B family for having me take your pictures! 
L Family Session
Casey and I first met at ASU as we went through the teacher program together. Almost a year ago, I did her son's newborn pictures. So fun to see how big he has gotten and to see him walking! 

C Family Session
Tina is a former first grade teacher and it shows in the way she raised her children. They were attentive and respectful during the session. They weren't too sure about getting their pictures taken at first, but within a few minutes they warmed up to the camera. 
L and D Family
We did a family session last year and I was so happy when they called and wanted to do another one this year. They are so easy to work with and even though it's a big group, we were still done in about 30 minutes. It is so nice to be around families like theirs, where the love and happiness is so obvious.

N Family
I have known Michelle since we were little girls and would play together. My family ended up moving away, and Michelle and I lost touch. These were the days long before social media :). Ten years ago, Michelle and I reunited in one of those "It's SUCH a small world" scenarios, when I applied for a job at the mall and she was given my application. Since then, we have kept in touch through Facebook and Instagram. It was so fun to see her again today and meet her adorable little family.

B and W Family
Justin bought a family session for his mom for Christmas last year, and we finally got around to getting some family pictures done for them. We were going back and forth on location, and eventually decided the old Potato Barn. Upon arriving, some were concerned about the location and all the graffiti. I think the pictures ended up turning out great and I love the uniqueness to their family photos.

R Family
So happy that Brittany found me to do her family pictures. They were so nice and fun to be around. We tried out a new location and I have to say it is a new favorite. Not too many people know about it, so you can actually move around and get good pictures without worrying about other people in the way. I used to never understand why photographers were so stingy about their locations and wouldn't share them. I TOTALLY get it now! It isn't because we are worried about someone "stealing" our spots. It's a crowd control thing! 
M Family
Stephanie is my principal at my full-time job. Ever since she started at my school, I have been taking her family photos. I have captured their first daughter growing up, maternity photos, newborn photos, and everything in between. I am so thankful to her and her family for allowing me to be a part of their lives outside of work. How did I get so lucky?
R Family Session
I met Lily through another client who has referred a large chunk of her friends my way. (I would not be where I am today without referrals, so please know how thankful I am to have referrals!) Lily has an adorable, growing family! Baby girl is due in the spring. Thank you Lily for asking me to capture your precious family!
Family Session
I have been photographing Angelyn and her family for over a year now. This time we decided to take the pictures outside their home. Baby A wasn't too into the idea of getting pictures, he is at the age where he would rather run and explore. So it worked out perfectly that we did the pictures at their home, where he is safe to play between shots. Plus, their dogs could join in the fun!

Baby G is ONE!
I took Grant's newborn pictures and then haven't seen him in person until today. He has gotten so big and SO cute! He loved being in front of the camera and kept giving me the cutest smiles! 
Mommy and Me Session
"If I listen closely, I can hear the rustle of angel wings and I know you're still with us."
Melissa and her daughter are an awesome pair. They have such great spirits and positive outlooks on life, even though they have suffered a great loss. They are so lucky to have each other. 

S and F Family Photos
"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." -Michael J. Fox
These two families are really one big family. There is so much love and respect between them. We met out by the river and captured some beautiful shots.
and then...there's this. Haha!

S Family Fall Session
I have known this family for almost 3 years now. It has been so fun to watch them grow. Their daughters are beautiful and some of the best behaved children you will ever meet. I love that they wanted a desert background and we were able to take advantage of the beautiful desert we live in. 

H Family Fall Pictures
Love when this family comes into town and we get to spend time together. I have been photographing them since they were pregnant with their first daughter. Thank you H Family for being so loyal! 
And then there's this sweet laugh...love it!

T Family One Year and Four Year Session
This brother and sister love each other so much! They were so cute together. This was my first session at Scottsdale Quarter and I think it turned out great. There are so many fun areas there and places for the kids to safely run around. Plus, the grass is fake so it's always dry and green, even with all this rain we've been having ! 

B Family Fall Session
I first met this family when little Nathan was only a few days old. I cannot believe it's been a year since I have seen them! The boys are so grown up! Luke was such a great listener and seemed to enjoy having his picture taken and showing his brother how it's done :)

O Family Pumpkin Patch-- 'My First Year' Package
Sweet Caroline was back for her 2 month session....in a pumpkin patch! This little girl can seriously sleep anywhere! I love it! With a pumpkin as a pillow, and the cool fall breeze, she was out in no time.

T Family Pictures
Kori and Richard were just married last week! They are such a happy, loving family. They brought their dog along, and I will admit that I was a little nervous at first. We met in a park that has a lot of wildlife, so I thought the dog might not work out well for pictures. The dog proved me wrong! He was so well behaved and listened perfectly. So glad he came along for the pics! 

C Family Pictures
These three were out for a vacation in our warm, sunny state from Chicago. They were loving the beautiful weather and his parent's home was a great backdrop for our session. Little Walter is such a handsome little man! Can't wait to work with them when they come out to visit next.

K Family Fall Pictures
I LOVE this family! Their daughters are very special to me as I am their Godmother. I have loved watching them grow into the sweet little girls that they are today. Baby A was VERY excited to be outside and explore the landscape. Her mom and dad were not sure if we got any good pics, but I managed to sneak a few! Love this age when all they want to do is explore the world around them! 

Senior Session
I first met Maggie last year when she and her sister did a modeling session for me. Her family and I have been Facebook and Instagram friends ever since! Maggie is an amazing young lady. She is beautiful and the camera loves her!

1 year old twins and a 3 year old
Their momma is one amazing lady! She makes having three kids under 3 look easy! All three girls were so excited to be in the "woods" and explore. Three year old Kate liked to find tall pieces of grass and declare them her wands. She was the princess of the woods. We had a fun time taking pics and we got some great ones! 

Baby B Newborn Session
This little one gave me a run for my money! She is sweet as can be, but really wanted to stay awake and party with us. She did fall asleep for a little while during her session, but the rest of the time she did not want to miss out on all the fun! She loves cuddles and has the prettiest eyes. Mom and dad are smitten with her.

AND...success! She fell asleep :)

B & R Maternity
A beautiful fall evening in AZ spent with these two soon-to-be parents! Brittany looks amazing pregnant. Ryan is completely in love with her, and they are so perfect together. Can't wait to meet their little girl.

Sweet Caroline-- 'My First Year' Package
This sweetheart is one month old. She slept for 90% of her session, and I will tell you that mom and I were very jealous! The weather was amazing, with a cool breeze blowing through. She looked so peaceful sleeping in the park. I might need to try it sometime, but I would need a bigger bed :).

Alyssa 7 months-- 'Watch Me Grow' Package
This is one of my favorite sessions to date. She waved at me, smiled, and laughed the whole time. I have never had such a happy baby. I even love the pictures we got of big sister and her. Plus the sunlight was streaming through perfectly. Sessions like these make my heart happy!

Baby Q Newborn
Looking at these pictures you would never know Baby Q had been up since midnight and we almost cancelled her session because she was so fussy. She must have tired herself out all day, because by the time her session started, she was passed out! She stayed asleep the entire time, even through multiple positions and changes. Such a sweetheart! 

LOVE the dress that mom-to-be had custom made for her. It looked beautiful! We had fun trying to get it to fly behind her, and eventually learned the trick to make it work. It's always helpful to bring another set of hands along...we tired her dad out from flapping the dress for so long :)

I must admit, I was nervous to do triplets. I have done a few sets of twins before, but never three babies at once. It took about fifteen minutes to get them all asleep, and then they stayed asleep pretty much the whole session. They were great! AND you would never know from the pictures, but these babies actually don't like to touch each other. Grandma said I must have the magic touch :)

One year session
This little guy is turning ONE and loves Mickey! He was not that fond of his cake, but he did great for his session. 

Styled Bride and Groom Session
This couple is unbelievably good looking! They were just married a few weeks ago, and were nice enough to pose again for bride and grooms portraits. This session was from a networking group I joined, and about 30 photographers came together to get to know each other and learn from each other. Such a fun experience!

Baby J
Another 6 month cutie! He was so good and smiley for his session. The weather also happened to be fairly nice for September, and made it feel like fall is just around the corner.

Baby A-- 'Watch Me Grow' Package
I love 6 month sessions! Can't believe this sweetie is already 6 months old. She is such an easy baby to work with.

Baby O
I have known this momma for over 10 years now. We met back at ASU. It has been so fun to watch her little family grow.

Baby P
P turned one and we got some adorable pictures of this sweetheart and her parents.

Baby T
Another one year old! His eyes are so beautiful!!

Family Session
This family was so amazing and I can't wait to work with them again!
Baby K
K was such a good newborn. She took awhile to fall asleep, but then stayed asleep her whole session. 

M Family
Grandma lives out of state, so mom wanted to do a "To Grandmother's house we go" session. So cute!

Baby L
Can't believe L is one! This was one of my favorite one year sessions ever. Such a cutie!!!

Baby A
A is one! Instead of a cake smash, his mom brought a present to open. Such a cute idea!

Ms Jess Photography will be closed 7/14-7/26/15 for vacation :)

Family Session
I used to work with Ryan's mom and she bought them a session as a Christmas gift. It was so nice working with them and their little 6 month old.

Baby N-- 'My First Year' Package
3 month sessions are normally one of the most difficult. Baby N was the exception! He was smiley, looked at the camera, and interacted with me. SO cute!

W Family
4th of July/4 month pics-- 'Watch Me Grow' Package

I have known this family for almost 2 years now. They are the most loyal clients and I just love seeing them every month.


B Family
4th of July

The last time I took pictures of these twins, they were newborns :) So fun to see them, and their older siblings again! Poor Baby B was getting over pink eye, but he was still such a good sport.

 And sometimes you get pictures like this...cracks me up!

Sisters, one year later <3


Baby O
4th of July

Last night I held the first session of the 4th of July minis. First up was Baby O. I have known his mama for almost 10 years now, as we went to ASU together. This was my first time meeting this adorable 9 month old. He was so good for his session and gave us lots of smiles! You can't even tell it was 108 degrees out!

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